Repair & Revive

Even the best cashmere caretaker can hit a snag. Our repair & revive experts are able to mend most pulls, pills, and moth damage. Even the team at Vogue finds themselves in need of help occasionally, and they named us “Best in the Business.”



Download our Repair and Revive form.

Need an expert’s advice? You can also call us at: 0131 557 8118


Send your jumper (scarf, hat, etc - it doesn’t need to be made by us) to our Headquarters:
69 Wilson Place, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland, EH42 1GG


Our team will evaluate your jumper and determine the best course of action.


We’ll reach out to you with our diagnosis before we move forward with treatment.  We’ll provide the work needed, the cost, and an estimated timeline. In the event that we are unable to repair your jumper, we’d love to discuss donating it to our Life after Love program or we can send it back to you.


Our team gets to work giving your jumper a little face lift.

Next, we send your jumper out for a gentle cleaning, de-pilling, and a wrinkle reducing steam.


Fresh from the spa, we’ll beautifully package your jumper in a complementary sweater bag and send it back to you.


You enjoy your like-new jumper for years to come.

If your cashmeres are in need of some TLC please call us to find out more about our Repair & Revive service.

0131 557 8118